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Imminent threat to cut trees – send us information !

Thursday 4 April 2013

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At the peak of resistance in november 2012 the government tried to calm down the situation by promising a moratorium on treecutting until the end of a pseudo scientific commission.

This commission is predicted to report alongside the dialogue commission in the beginning of april. Permissions for works indicate tree cutting is imminent and sources say that the state wants to create facts on the ground to weaken the opposition.

Preliminary work along the barreau routier preceeded by markers popping up, have started with moving electricity pylons in the east of the zone.

Upcoming works include the widening of roads linking Notre Dame des Landes to Temple de Bretagne and Grandchamps des Fontaines. Also the plan to do archeological diggings across the zone some of which will require land clearance and tree cutting.

We can’t watch over the whole zone and we rely on information to mount resistance. Keep an eye out for work permits, building company contracts, surveying work, orange markers and obviously the arrival of machines.

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