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S.O.S - An extremely violent situation at the ZAD today

Thursday 12 April 2018

S.O.S - An extremely violent situation at the ZAD today Wednesday 11 April - 6pm


Please, we’re asking you all to do whatever you can to support us and to stop this expulsion operation.

They’re trying to kill us all. They’re firing at anything that moves, on sight, with tear-gas canisters, launching sting-ball and stun grenades and many offensive grenades.

They fire dozens of them at a time, and they’re doing it right now.

It’s terrible; even the press, even senior reporters, are shocked, and as a matter of fact several of them have been injured too, some seriously.

Dozens of people have been hit by balls from the grenades.

This afternoon a large group of people of all ages who had come to support us went into a field where a few gendarmes were stationed and simply told them to leave, in a light-hearted way since we’d just been having a good time together and wanted to take a picture in front of Les Vraies Rouges in support. They forced us back and continued to fire at us even as we tried to retreat. We had grenades exploding at our feet when we were in a field on the other side of a hedge. And they continued for three hours, trying to protect the places they were destroying; they drowned us in tear-gas and forced people back with extreme violence.

We’re sorry, this e-mail is written in the heat of the moment, but we’re all shocked. In addition to all the houses that have been destroyed, so many of our friends and supporters have been injured. It’s terrible.