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Communiqué From the General Assembly on Wednesday at La Wardine after 3 Days of Expulsions.

Thursday 12 April 2018

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Communiqué From the General Assembly on Wednesday at La Wardine after 3 Days of Expulsions.

12 April 2018

The ZAD is issuing a call to rail workers, students, strikers at Air France, at Carrefour, and anyone and everyone who is in struggle


The firings and job cuts following adoption of the government’s (anti-)labor law, selective entry into what were once free universities, the deportations of immigrants – it’s all the same logic of a State that considers living beings to be merchandise, the same anti-social bulldozer that is trying to bury our lives. Yet, in the occupied universities and on the strike picket lines, in the ZAD and in the streets, anger is rising and is breaking through to the surface. On the numerous fronts where people are struggling, energized in reaction to the government’s politics of carnage, an urgent need is making itself felt: To unite so that the other side can feel the fear for a change. Here, in the bocage of NDDL, resistance to the military operation is beginning to look like a civil war: destruction of our homes, armoured vehicles, drones flying overhead, attack dogs, rubber-metal shrapnel grenades dropped from helicopters, police/army with assault rifles, and more than thirty injuries yesterday, probably twice that number today, including several irreversible mutilations. In spite of all that, resistance continues in the image of the anti-airport movement: joyous, determined, and taking many different forms. From rock-throwing to picnics of senior citizens, tractor ballets before the barricades, from torched backhoes to paint balloons, all while managing to keep the canteens supplied, the energy being deployed here draws its source from your solidarity. That of the local residents, the farmers, the "historical" inhabitants, the local and international support committees, and all the messages of support and reinforcement, more numerous with each hour that passes. And knowing that the universities are occupied, that the trains and airliners are stopped, that supermarkets are blocked, gives us the feeling that we are part of a more generalized movement that is trying to stop this government in its breakneck race towards general catastrophe.

Despite the absurd violence and brutality of this operation, which proves that terror is the only argument this government has left, it remains certain that we are going to continue to hold on and continue to build here. There are too many of us and we know the paths, the woods, the meadows and hedgerows too well. We get our strength from all the rage and the hope of all of you who want to change this world. The ZAD cannot be eradicated. Once the armoured vehicles, helicopters, police/army trucks and the 2,500 troops are evicted from our cherished land, you can be sure that we’ll be there at your strike meetings, on your picket lines, and in the streets to continue our struggles.

Thank you for your solidarity, your struggles, and your diversity.

- The assembly struggling against the evictions in the ZAD