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Second wave of expulsions planned to begin October 27: Invitation for the weekend and the following days

Thursday 25 October 2012

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Second wave of expulsions planned to begin October 27:

Invitation for the weekend and the following days *

News and a repeat of the call for resistance this weekend

Le Rosier and La Sécherie have been granted a stay on their eviction.

The dates are, respectively, 15 November and 27 December. This news does not affect the call that was made for this weekend of 27-28 October. For two weeks, since the State, the PS and Vinci began sending their troops to evict and expel, support in the form of word and deed has been flowing in and, that is very encouraging. With this invitation, we hope that the support will take on even more consistency and strengthen our ties. That is what will happen as we defend, all of us, the people and the places that are a barrier against their planned destruction. By choosing to assemble, instead of submitting to the expulsions, we demonstrate our determination and reaffirm that we are strong in resisting them.

This weekend, we call on everyone to come and enrich the spaces of resistance, the encounters, and the diverse energies that keep us going. The more numerous we are, the better we will be able to unite our practices and turn the places threatened by eviction and expulsion into spaces that are protected against the gendarmes (“weapon-people”) and the developers.

In practical terms: meet at La Vache Rit: – this Friday 26 October at 9 p.m. – then Saturday 27 and Monday 29 at 5 a.m. (yes, in the morning!) for breakfast.

(flyer below)

We had said “We won’t go,” and for the past 8 days, you can’t say we aren’t trying! But when it’s 10 to 1…

The bastards have evicted, razed, and burned – all quite sustainably and responsibly, of course – ten of our homes and meeting places; they haven’t gotten it through their heads yet that they can tear down our houses, but our ties remain intact: we keep knitting, you keep knitting… and there’s the rub!

Saturday, 27 October, La Sécherie, La Saulce and Le Rosier, our last three “real houses” (sic), will be legally subject to expulsion.

And in fact, maybe they hope that this week of 27 October to 3 November will sign the death warrant of what we’ve been doing and living here.

But a promise is a promise, no? So we’re not moving.

So please come, starting from Friday evening – because we know how to pick the right time – to enjoy the weekend, build, fill up those three houses, talk, party, and in short… keep on living!

Logistically speaking, bring everything you can for a camp that will last several days – tents, blankets, duvets, building materials, friends, relatives, ideas, music… but above all please not your dog (for the sake of his/her life and our nerves).

Weekend meeting times/places

Friday 26 October beginning 9 PM at La Vache Rit for breakfast, from Saturday 27, Sunday 28, Monday 29 (and the following days if necessary) at 5 AM at La Vache Rit and in fact, Saturday 27 is also the 3rd anniversary of La Sécherie… big celebration?!

(*this invitation is also called “Come surf the 2nd wave of expulsions” …)