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We need support for the upcoming weeks !

Sunday 28 October 2012

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We need support for the upcoming weeks !

« everything went along without incidents, the operation is now over » said the local chief of police on october 16th at 10:30 am. Really ? At the exact moment he was saying these words cops were attacking the Far Ouezt and le Sabot (the collective garden) and acces to la ZAD was forbidden to all, including press and « legal » inhabitants ! The cops had planned to take 11 living places that day, one third of our houses, which are spread on 2000 hectares. They managed to take only 8. In order to take the first place, they just shot a continuous shower of tear gas grenades until the cabin burned to the ground. Obviously, they hadn’t even checked if people were sleeping in the houses or not ! So that’s what you call an « operation without incidents »... In most of the other places, they were surprised that noone was there. Except for two houses, barricaded on several floors which cost them precious time. Indeed, we weren’t in our houses that day. We had no intention of being where we were expected. We are mobile, we know the grounds and that is our strength. We intend to have them get stuck in the mud here in la ZAD and make it a bitter failure for the state and capitalism. They are 1200 and we are 200. and yet we stand our ground. On the second day we even took back 3 of our places, and charged the cops several times. We’re alright, we don’t have nothing to lose ’cause we don’t possess anything. We have all to win because our rage and will to resist is infinite. We are a minority but will force the majority to give in. And in order to acheive this we do need you. We need support right here (you can access by foot or using the small roads using a detailed map), we need logistic (dry socks, blankets, petrol,...) but we also need the struggle to be amplified through local, decentralized actions. If you cannot join us, there is probably close to where you live a construction site, a highway owned by Vinci. A complete list of the corporations collaborating with this project is soon to be published. Nowhere will they be safe ! La ZAD is everywhere !! Thanks to all you friends in Attenco, Brussels, Angers, Poitiers, Montreuil, La Roche sur Yon, Lyon, Vienne and Rennes who have already started making actions and to all those of you who have sent us support messages. For those of you who are planning to join us bring boots, rain jackets, headlamps. Apparently the operations should still last until the end of november unless they give up before ;-) You can get fresh news everyday on the la ZAD website (Flash Info an hourly ticker), or if you are close by on 107.7 FM (pirate radio). Information n how to join us (meeting points, maps, legal team...) :