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Summarising a day of evictions at the ZAD, and a call-out for people to come to the ZAD to help stop the police operation

Wednesday 18 April 2018

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Summarising a day of evictions at the ZAD, and a call-out for people to come to the ZAD to help stop the police operation.

The afternoon finished with the countryside of the ZAD asphyxiated by tear gas at the end of long hours of resistance to the destruction of living spaces and farms in the ZAD. At least 9 collective living sites have been destroyed, with their various special habitats broken up, their workshops smashed apart, their gardens trampled: These were the sites known as Planchettes, Planchouette, Lama f�ch�, Noue non plu, Youpi Youpi, Jessie James, Phare Ouest, Ch�vrerie, 100 noms.

The police invasion was met with various forms of resistance. Barricades, lines of tractors blocking the way, scuffles, people climbing onto rooftops, singing, linking arms. In the fields, facing the riot police and their deathly machines, there were old people, young people, neighbours, peasants, occupiers, comrades from all over France. Six of the protestors on the spot were wounded and seven people were arrested. In spite of the disproportion of the forces on the ground, and the absolute military superiority of the gendarmes, a little cunning and imagination was enough to set fire to their machines twice. The god of mud got another one stuck in the mud.

With every house that has been evicted and smashed by the jaws of the JCBs there is a piece of life that the state tried to eradicate here, and a solid surge of anger rising in us. Anger that has spread throughout the day to all those who have been watching these these events from a distance without having been able to come here in person. They will be more and more numerous in the coming days if the operation continues. They will come back en masse so that those who the state is thinking to evict from the countryside today will not remain homeless.

The destruction of the big barn, and the greenhouses, and the Sheepfold of the 100 Names. The eviction of the donkeys and the sheep reveal the absolute hypocrisy of the prefecture, including their statements about wanting to to preserve the agricultural projects. The prefect takes this opportunity to practise abject blackmail on other places that are agricultural projects: abandon the collective vision now, or you will suffer the same fate and the same destruction. The Maison des vraies rouges, and the market garden, and the physic garden of Rouge et Noir, and many more, could well be the targets tomorrow.

Regarding this farm, a reference for assault will be filed by Me. Hurriet against the Prefecture. [...] Today, once again, the bailiff who was present at the eviction of these places refused to show the official eviction judgment and refused to give them his name.

Throughout the day, many supporters have already come forward. There have been press releases and appeals from various organizations (Sud Rail, Greenpeace, etc.), and an occupation of the town hall in Forcalquier, and rallies all over France.

The government has announced that the evictions will continue tomorrow. It is determined to eradicate the experience of the zad. We have to stop them, and take root, and stay. We are calling on everyone who is able, to come to the ZAD at dawn tomorrow, to block this operation. We call for mobilisations and determined protest actions everywhere in France.

The ZAD will stay!

  • Monday 9 April 2018


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