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Friday 27 April 2018

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You are free to have or not your ID paper

You can refuse to give your ID when you’re controled (it’s easier to hold when you’re many)

Be careful what you have with you (drugs, weapons, phone, etc.)

Have with you the name of a lawyer (we recommend Gouache, Huriet, Vallet, Marteret, Durand) the phone number of legal team is 06 75 30 95 45, also maybe your medicine with the prescription (carefull, nominative paper)

In case of a charge : don’t panic, stay in group, don’t leave anybody isolated, he/she might get caught, try to be surounded with people you know.

If you’re doing illegal stuff, mask your face and avoid clothes that are to much distinctive, cameras are eveywhere !

IN case of injury : shout « MEDIC » and indicate the location of the injured and protect him/her against charges and teargas. Relay the information if you hear it.

If you’re getting caught, alert the persons around you so that they warn the Legal Team.

If you’re witnessing an arrest, cal Legal Team and shoutto the person the name of a lawyer. On the phone, give a physical and clothing description, time, the circumstance and place of the arrest. BE carefull do not give any name and no info regarding the infractions the person may have done (or not). Lezave a message, the Legal Team will call back.

The Legal Team number is used to centralise infos on the arrests and to organise the support.

TO have info on the movement of the cops listen to Radio Klaxon.

If you’re out of custody (« garde à vue ») or if you have knowledge of people being released, warn the Legal Team so that they can stop their research.

If they’re have been arrestations go in front the police station to support the persons.

Once you’re at the station, you have to be informed of your status and your rights :
- If you’re in an ID verification, or files, it cannot be lasting more than 4Hours. (16 hours if you’re suspected not to be french).
- If you’re in garde a vue (custody) it can last 24h renewable once. (96h in case of « association de malfaiteurs » (dunno in english, like a gang of crooks lol) or terrorism.)
- If you’re in a free audition you’re supposed to be allowed to leave when you want.

In Garde A Vue (custody), you have the right :
- To remain silent, because everything you say can be retained against you or others.
- To have a lawyer of your choice.
- To see a doctor.
- To warn someone close to you (relative).
- To refuse the photos, fingerprint and DNA (but it exposes to law penalties)
- To refuse to sign the document presented by the cops, you’ll be even more able to deny them later. At the end of the Garde A Vue :
- Be released with or without lawsuit.
- Be driven to the court/tribunal for a « comparution immediate » (=immediate judgement) that you can refuse in front of the judge to prepare your defense, this one will decide if he/she releases you or keeps in « preventive » before your trial [if you or your lawyer have « garanties de representation » (warranty/proof of representation) : proof of employment, housing, studies, social insertion, …, it reduces the risk of going in preventive].

If you or a close need support, whatever it might be, before or after a trial do not hesitate to call LEGAL TEAM 06 75 30 95 45

Additional info : The chemin de Suez (path of Suez) is making a limit north/south with law directory department, North is Saint Nazaire (Lawyers for this sector are Huriet, Vallet or Gouache) and South is Nantes (lawyers are Marteret and Durand). But it’s not strict, they talk and interact together. It’s a common thing said that it’s better to be judged in Saint Nazaire than Nantes, keep it mind.

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