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Trail in appeal of Cyril, held on 6 March

Wednesday 13 March 2013

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Fifty people in court and some people inside, the getting inside the court is extremely limited.

1st step: recall of facts brought up during the immediate appearance in court on 28 November 2012: Assault to a police officer and violence with a weapon against a person (3days ITT), carrying a weapon, masked and in group (aggravating circumstances) . Cyril was sentenced in the first instance to 10 months in jail of which five suspended and banned from Loire Atlantique except in his place of residence.

2nd step: Cyril gets asked to clarify the facts, he denies to have intended acts of violence. He defended himself against attackers that he did not know were the police. He explains that he appealed to have ban from Loire-Atlantique dropped.

3rd step: the prosecuter describes Cyril as a leader come to beat “the blue”. He contradicts himself, however, recognizing that Cyril had to be surprised to see his "comrades in struggle turning against him" as they were undercover agents. But he adds that we can not recognize the legitimacy of self-defense Cyril because these agents were not armed (sic!).

4th step: the lawyer, Mr. Petit, advocates to put the state of the opposants in a frame of social challenge, he highlights the willingness of the State to criminalize social movements and the problem of the autonomy of judiciary institutions against the interests of politics. He instists on the fact that it is the undercover cops that led those present into violence since they went looking for them. "Infiltrators" were therefore on the origin of what happened that day. He refers to the testimonies that go in this direction aswel as a photo. He stated that the sentence is disproportionate to the allegations and concluded that Cyril was stigmatized during the trial, to make an example. Finally Mr. Petit calls for the lifting of the ban for Cyril in Loire Atlantique. The use of banning people from the area, used for all the people who went through court, with the aim to make people believe that whoever is arrested on the ZAD comes from elsewhere. This doesn’t apply in his case, where this ban would completely desocialise Cyril because where he lives is in Loire Atlantique.

Deliberated on April 3.

The committee legalteam and anti repression (CARILA) thank for their solidarity the people who helped by providing testimony and photos, as well as donations and financial support that helped pay the daily life of Cyril in prison, financial assistance for his girlfriends travels to parlors and especially the costs of the lawyer. A trail in appeal is expensive.

For financial donations: checks (payable to the support committee for people who got charged) to the following address: Comité de soutien aux inculpé-e-s « Le Gué » 44220 Couëron