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Until where will we go with this scam of negociations ??

Monday 28 May 2018

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I haven’t signed the files project nor do i believe in negociation with a State. I don’t want to discuss with this oppressor, i just simply and only want to destroy it. But still I feel concerned by this process of legalisation that includes almost all lands and sites on ZAD, this area that I see as a whole and not only as my little home, this last one today being destroyed anyways. We’re calling negociations the injuctions of the prefect, while I really don’t see when have we been negociating. When have we won any advantage of this situation? When have we said anything else than “Yes yes madam, we’re scared, we’re nice people!”? And today again it’s still a topic to go and sign the (agricultural) projects, without even waiting for the ones not accepted yet?! One more time, our famous limit of when will we stop being cheated is pushed further. Some of the plea that are FOR the legalisation and HURRY let’s legalise appears absurd to me, I stay puzzled between: are this convinced people fooling their ownself or me? I don’t think that we can be smarter than the ennemy when we play his own game.

Here are the plea that are being said :

-”Signing for not loosing the supports.” Are we talking about the supports that already aren’t here anymore? By using half-positions that has to convince every components, many persons don’t know anymore what are they defending here. I’d rather hear several strong voices with a firm speech than one pseudo-unity lying voice with too much soft words. Those pushing for legalisation, are using blackmail: “If you do not do this we’ll leave you in deep shit!” (this not even being respected, the D281 road topic being the perfect example!). While this very same persons will write nice texts and statements about our solidarity in any cases, very few are on field, at the front, either 1st line of battle, 2nd or 3rd, we saw that. On antother hand, many pissed off persons limited themselves in their actions, for matters of composing and moderation. Let this be clear, I do not blame in any case anybody for not wanting to go fight cops, there are several other usefull things to do, but being present in large number is important! And, where are all those supports to protest massively against the ultra violence and the repression of the state? Where did those magic moments go, when any kind of persons were merging to make block? Where every action could find its place and most of all where we were not mystaking the ennemy? I’m simplifying by pointing out two distincts and separate groups but I do realise that many are having hard times positonning themselves in all this mess. Many are asking this question: “Am I willing to go risk mutilation and jailtime for people that, in the end, only wants to pay a rent and housebills?”

-”Signing to gain time.” Gain time to make ourselves forgotten, what a good idea! We do know that strong and intense moments are often brief ones. Is time still our ally? Is it really necessary to temporise? Weither it’s today or later, my lifestyle is and will remain illegal, so postpone the evictions so that they can be spread in time and silenced doesn’t appears clever to me at all. Or maybe are we gambling time so that we could fit in the norms? Maybe the struggle against normalisation isn’t shared by all?

-”It’s in our interest to sign.” I wonder if we defend Zad entirely or if each one is trying to protect its living place. I understand that loosing a farm, a business, warehouses etc. is not the same than loosing a woodcabin made out of skip rejects gathers. I do not understand or understand too much the manipulations hidden under commons interests but in reality protecting their home sweet home. How can we understand each others if we’re not speaking the truth?

-”Signing those shitty contract and its clauses because the prefect will not put them to reality.” Where is this blind confidence coming from? How and why signing a contract that clearly pushes to denouncements and normalisation (cf second artciles of the C.O.P: no caravan, trucks or woodcabin will be tolerated around the place otherwise....). I do not understand that the 15 comrades with their names on the projects can consider signing such contract. But maybe again i’ve mistaken who are my friends. I would rather, and will support, that we do not musels ourselves and that we do not deny our convictions in front of the government. The clauses of the contract seem to put us under the very same situation as before, but this time it’s written black on white, in a process of being signed and bonus you’ll get daily penalty bills and the destruction will be at your cost for what’s not in the norms. Or, of course, in case we would respect this contract, then in this case indeed yes: ZAD is dead and yes I will put a freaking massive mess before i’ll leave...

Years of struggles against the airport AND its world can’t lead to a handfull of farming exploitations all neat, all good, all normalised without raising furious anger from those who fought and/or lived here.