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Flash info 21th october

Sunday 21 October 2012

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Fil d’infos de la journée

 -23h37 : we stop there for today. We’ve learned that during the day, they destroyed 2 on 3 houses at la Pré Faillit :/ which explain what the Digger and 2 Manitous where for, which had been seen during the day. The houses though, aren’t exactly on the territory of the Airport, regarding AGO they should be used as housing for their workers. So we’re going to sleep early to be in good shape tomorrow. You’ll find the Flash News link here or in opening the site ! No dropping out , we live here we stay here !! Stay with us, even from far, your support is essential for us !! Good night ! For parents or friends : everybody is allright, we have the potato :). So , to read : the press article ouest france :we ask our friends outside to beware with the content of their support messages, if it’s helping the prefect to continue the demonization , it’s not really clever (from our point of view) :)

 -18h30 : we relax, no more will to play with them, time to reunite and eat together... we’ll surely stay connected, but we won’t inform about each movement of vans ... ! A friend came to visit les Sabots yesterday. She braught some food and socks. So for the food there is really a lot, many people came to bring stuff . What is missing are mattresses/blankets/plastic sheeting / masks and swimming glasses/ batteries / frontal lamp / physiological serum / xolaam (liquid) and always warm clothing, clothes against rain and dry socks. AND they are 25 goats looking for accomodation .

 -18h23 : all day spending gazoline polluting the nature, just to distract and make us tired ?

 -18:05 : Vans driving everywhere, 1 staying in Fosses noires

 -17h52 : at least 3 vans on crossroad Fosses Noires/Sabot

 -17h43 : cops in Fosses noires , for what , we don’t know yet...

 -17h40 : No idea what it could be about, maybe they wanted to enjoy the beauty of la ZAD before assisting on it’s destruction ? Here some PICTURES also for everybody , outside, who can’t be with us ... thank you for your support , we need it for real !!!

 -17h16 : there is a van near the barricade of Fosses noires

- 17h00 : 2 women cops walking have been seen from the barricade of the new house (?)

 -16h49 : aux Ardillières, contrôle routière mais aussi les piètons // in Ardillières, vehicules are controlled and also pedestrians

 -16h38 : plus en plus de fourgon arrive au fosses noires de la direction fôret // more and more vans arrive in Fosses noires; coming from Forêt

- 16h32 : 2 manitou with cops on direction of Fosses noires

 -15h58 : many vans on the crossroad Fosses Noires/chemin de sueze, it seems to be the same strategy then thursday : block some people in places and be able to make some interventions elsewhere , maybe they will aim the new house of Fosses noires to unable legal proceedings after the usual 48 hours ..

- 15h35 : 1 van has stopped on the crossroad of Fosses noires, positionned on the direction of the Saulce, and apparently controlling vehicules.

- 15h32 : 2 vans are making there way beetween Ardillières and Vigneux

- 15h25 : 3 vans, 1 car and a truck with a bagger are leaving from maison Rose heading to ZAD

- 15h10 : 1 military van in front of Sabot

 -15h05 : From St. Eve they are taking the direction of Sueze’s road

 -15h04 : 2 military vans , 2 firemen van near St. Eve (Rosière)

 -14h59 : 1 van is driving- slowly between Ardillières and Fosses noires

 -14h55 : The Militarys destroy the barricade on the road of Pimky

 -14h54 : Cops in Fosses noires return in la Saulce direction

 -14h53 : 1 van at the entry of chemin de Pimky, many aroud Portironnerie (West)

 -14h51 : a van has arrived on the road of Fosses noires

 -14h48 : 4 military vans have stoppen in chêne de pérrière

 -14h44 : 13 military vans are driving from la Paquelais to les Ardillères

 -14h15 : 10 military vans have been seen in les Ardillères, 2 of them have driven in direction of Vigneux and have stopped on the road of Fosses Noires. Firemen are there.

 -14h :No action since this morning, there isn’t even so much rain. .. Last news : the soup is warm in la Vacherit !