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Wendsday morning message

Thursday 12 April 2018


This morning, the forces of chaos arrived at 6 a.m. and deployed around the Zone. To the west around forty police vans were stationary between Pré-Failli and Chêne des Perrières. They are on the D281 road, and a confrontation began about an hour ago in the field north of Lama Fâché.

The people here are holding positions mostly in the area of Lama; two persons had already been injured this morning after at least twenty detonations, some of which shook the ground over an area of a hundred meters; sting-ball and stun grenades and Flash-Balls were being fired.

Yesterday there were several serious injuries; you can read the communiqué from the Medic team, which we cite:

"Two seriously injured persons had to be evacuated and hospitalized, and four persons were treated by us for injuries regarded as serious.

Most injuries were caused by balls from sting-ball grenades (to the face or thorax), Flash-Balls (again thoracic injuries), and tear-gas canisters fired directly at individuals. This list does not take into account exposure to the large amounts of tear gas fired throughout the day."

Also, one person who was resisting the destruction of the La Chèvrerie house by climbing onto the roof was violently removed; he was holding onto the corrugated-metal roof and was pulled off by the feet by a gendarme; once on the ground he was kicked and beaten with truncheons. He was left in the streets of Nantes without medical attention. He has injuries to seven fingers and has been hospitalized.

We request that you come and join us if you can in order to help protect what remains of the homes and their inhabitants. We need everyone and a diversity of forms of defense. It is still possible to reach the Zone via a few routes that are not blocked. Once in the area around the Zone, listen to Radio Klaxon at 107.7 for traffic/police info.

Yesterday the Prefect made several mistaken declarations in her statements and gave contradictory information.

The movement’s assembly is calling for a picnic today at noon at the Cheveux Blancs campground, across from Les Fosses Noires. Saturday, a demonstration is set for late afternoon in downtown Nantes and we are calling for people to converge on the ZAD on Sunday.

Another future is possible, we must keep the ZAD.

Thank you for your support.