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FLASH INFO on the situation of Monday 29 octobre

Monday 29 October 2012

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See you tomorrow morning from 5am at "la Vache Rit" or the barricades!

- 10pm: end of the day, before the start of the next movement... cops are reported here and there...

- 8:20 p.m.: a police car going back and forth between the "la Vache Rit" & Notre Dame des Landes. Caution.

- 8pm: People told us that work continues under at "Pré Failly" under the usual police protection. The road is blocked.

- 5pm: And 17 pig trucks filled with riot cops (CRS) near Niort (on the road Bordeaux-Nantes), towards Nantes ... Smells like an intervention is on the cards!

- 3:46 p.m.: 3 colones 10 trucks of riot police were seen between Angers and Nantes ... It is for us?

- 3:28 p.m.: Works (surely removing asbestos) at Pré Failli; 2 helicopters flying over the ZAD

- 11:40: everything is calm, the cops seem to have deserted the area, we are taking the opportunity to recharge the batteries by the barricades in other places. There are still 17 cop vans in front of the "Palacio" in Vigneux.

- 10:35: three vans of cops and clio have stopped at Pre Failly.

- 10:20: cops this side of "du Sabot" and the Phare Ouest leave and are going towards Ardillères

- 10:07: After the people at the Phare responded that they were many, and it would be better if the cops didn’t advance. The cops retreated. Three vans of cops are still in place next to Bellich with a communication van. 3 cop vans are also next to Pré Failly.

- 10:05: cops and the bailiff ask questions to people (number of people, do they want to reveal their identities, what they would do ...)

- 9:53: the Phare Ouest, the cops ask to speak to the people

- 9:45: policemen are present at the barricade south of Phare Ouest and headed towards the path, people asking for reinforcements there; other cops are always at the station, request for reinforcements as well. At the hut des Fosses Noires, the bailiff has filed a paper.

- 9.30: there’s cops next to Vigneux train station they have toured the site.

- 9:21: 3 vans of riot cops (gendarmes mobiles) at the crossroads Fosses Noires/Sabot and one in front of the Sabot entrance. They descend from their vehichles.

- 9:05: there are only 2 vans of riot cops who are getting bored at the Bellich ’. "If the Republic fails to recover the zone, we must worry about the republic."

- 8:40: The bailiff asked if people wanted to leave. The poeple all answered "no". The cops and the bailiff retreat.

- 8:37: there is a bailiff with the cops next to le Sabot

- 8:35: cops deployed around the Bellich go towards le Sabot. They have arrived at the 1st barricade is on the East on the road to the Bellich near le Sabot.

- 8:25: around Bellich ’, 4 trucks of policemen and cops take positions in the fields there (why? Mystery)

- 8:15: "full" cops on the road to Tempe towards Notre-Dame-des-Landes

- 8am: the helicopter is heard in the area. Two trucks were fully equipped riot cops are going towards Bellich ’.

- 5:06: Hello! Everything is quiet here. All? Nah, there’s still the drum band playing , A 5 am, normal .... :)

- 1:04: ... From Burgundy they’ve coming HERE .... everything is going well, it is freezing but we keep warm between us :) Sleep well and stay with us tomorrow morning at dawn!