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FLASH INFO on the situation tuesday the 30st of october

Wednesday 31 October 2012

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See below for the hour-by-hour newswire of the day.

Thank you everyone for all the support and solidarity - it nourishes our determination!

THE DEMONSTRATION for reoccupation is to BE HELD ON 17 NOVEMBER!

To prepare the demo next appointment Tuesday, October 30 at 19:30 B17 in Nantes.

See BY for general information, how to get there, photos and videos, results of last week, to reduce gear (updated today Monday 29) ...

We invite you to join us for the next few days: Invitation for the "second wave of expulsion"

Camp is located in a field between the cow and Rolandière Rit (on the D81 between the Ardillières and Vigneux) We are looking for tents, tents or other structures. It also seeks gas or oil heaters. Let us know if you can lend it!

HELP / HELP: we need translations in English but also other languages. Including Flash and information call for decentralized actions / / We Could need some help with translations in english our goal is to get other languages, mostly for the news flash since sunday and the call out for Decentralized actions!! Thank you!


Daily appointment:

- Notre Dame des Landes, from 9H: permanently instead of mail (Local Unions - angle opposite the Town Hall) to move to the area
- Nantes, from 10h: citizen watch at Pont Morand
- Nantes, 19h now every other night: rally outside the prefecture
- Rennes, 18h every night: point to the home of the strike

Appointment to come:
- Tuesday 30/10: from 10am shoe, rally to the call of Pal 44
- Tuesday 30/10: Manosque, 12 symbolic action against Vinci
- Tuesday 30/10: Redon, 18h before the community of communes of Redon
- Tuesday 30/10: 18h in Marseille, party info on the fight against the airport and his world Equitable Café
- Tuesday 30/10: Lille, 18:30, Place de la Republic
- Tuesday 30/10 at 19:30 to B17 in Nantes. AG to prepare for the demonstration of reoccupation.
- Wednesday 31/10: Caen at 17h, meeting of collective solidarity with ZAD in the basement of the building Campus letters 1.
- Wednesday 31/10: 18h in Tours collective "Vinci Clears Touraine" calls for a rally in front of the Prefecture of Indre et Loire (instead of the Prefecture)
- Wednesday 31/10: 19h to Cow Rit (place called Domains, NDL): AG open to all persons on the Zad on what happens here
- Saturday 3/11: 19h to Cow Rit (place called Domains, NDL): AG always open to you on what is happening on the Zad and future perspectives.

ICI appointment as comrades in arms have told us.

Card good resolution HERE Newswire of the day

Further information on the situation at the site of Saulce 7seizh.

3:48 p.m.: In the north of the barruicade La Saulce, there is more barricade between the opponents and the cops, face to face.

3:44 p.m.: The cops passed barruicade north of La Saulce, they passed not just the forest nearby and threw plastic bullets.

3:42 p.m.: Big déploiment of cops at barricage north of La Saulce. With firing of stun grenades.

3:32 p.m.: A big shovel and décendue its load-bearing and headed for Le Sabot.

15:15: The director of the office of the Prefect is Planchettes to announce that all the illegal settlements on the ZAD be evicted in the coming days.

3:07 p.m.: The forces of the republic dismantle barricades at the path of Pimky (north known from Le Sabot)

A small excerpt from the press release from the Prefecture today:

[...] The Prefect of the Loire-Atlantique, at the end of the proceedings, granted the assistance of law enforcement bailiffs responsible for ensuring evictions. [...] The third day it comes on the site at places called La Saulce, Vigneux-de-Bretagne and the squats of Le Sabot, 100 Chênes on the same common Heath Rohanne at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. [...]

- 2:42 p.m.: A digger and two dump trucks were seen on the way towards the Suez Heath Rohanne.
- 14:35: Under the hut in question at La Saulce, they threaten (verbally) to cut the tree ...
- 14:25: At La Saulce a buldozer gives shots in a tree in which there is a hut occupied.
- 1:39 p.m.: all is quiet in the forest Rohanne the grenades had come from the edge of the forest, near a hut permière.
- 1:33 p.m.: Sitting in front of the hoof: the opponents are more cops.
- 13h10: excavators begin their work of death, the house of La Saulce will cost them.
- 13h: cops are in the forest Rohanne means firing stun grenades. They encounter resistance. At Le Sabot groups playmobiles hold the north and south access but we are the home and garden. At La Saulce excavators reassemble and are trying to make their way into the house. The treehouses are still resisting even if two of them are empty of occupants, and destroyed. Barricades are destroyed slowly but we still hold. Many participants of the unauthorized demonstration this morning (on behalf of the safety of protesters ah ah ah) joined the barricade to the north.
- 12:35: poultry is the crossroads of La Saulce. Climbers apparently trying to dislodge the inhabitants of the huts perched in La Saulce - for now without success. A demolition machine was reported on the road between the D81 and L’ Isolette. They can destroy our homes they can not make us leave the area. Le Sabot is constantly surrounded but not taken.
- 12h: cops take the crossroads and start to demolish the barricades. Batucada band continues to play in the fields: "Vinci emerges that divides the earth."
- 11:55: part of the demo arrives on the D81 towards the barricade northern crossroads of Moilin Rohanne near La Saulce.
- 11h40: destruction continues slowly barricades at the intersection of Mill Rohanne near Saulce.
- 11:20: thirty tractors comrades in the demonstration in front of Le Planchettes (demoished protest site). The cops threatened to use force if they do not leave in 10 minutes.
- 11:10 At La Saulce two huts in the trees and on the ground have been destroyed by the cops. There is at least a hut occupied and a protestor perched in a net above ground.
- 11:00: Cops are shooting flash ball bullets in the fields near La Saulce. At Forest Rohanne, the cops are on-line path parallel to the path of Suez and growing in the forest.
- 10:50: A bulldozer is destroying the barricades around Le Sabot. Comrades are still in the cabin of Le Sabot.
- 10:45: Cops refuse access into the protest area of the town of Notre-Dame, claiming there is "violence" already taking place. The demonstration plans to go back to the village.
- 10h40: An excavator arrived at the crossroads near La Saulce. Comrades in the trees of the forest Rohanne see no cops directly. The event is blocked in Primaudière.
- 10:20: There are now 200 people gathered in the town of Notre-Dame, tractors arrive.
- 10:11: The barricade is ignited on the side of La Saulce.
- 10:09: mobile guards arrive on foot towards the barricade at La Saulce.
- 10:05: a dozen cops armed with rubber bullets is posted in line at low huts of the forest Rohanne.
- 10h: more than 100 people gathered outside the town hall of NDDL with tractors! Demonstrating!
- 9:55: Arrival of bulldozer and excavator on the side of Le Sabot, accompanied by seven police cars. The cops begin to organize themselves into groups in order to follow the mobile groups against opposers.
- 9:50: cops begin to circumvent the forest Rohanne, they did not look comfortable in the forest, 10 GM trucks were seen leaving NDDL to ZAD.
- 9:48: cops expect a bulldozer to get into Le Sabot: not easy to take, Le Sabot is still there!
- 9:40: people in the huts are still Saulce! expulsion has not started there are cops in the way of Suez at the forest Rohanne.
- 9:40: announcement of another person affected on the knee by a stun grenade vans reinforcements arrive to the intersection of La Saulce by way of Suez, 8 other vans were seen around the Boissière NDDL
- 9:23: firing rubber bullets, one person was hit!
- 9:15: The batoukada band is besides La Saulce, but stun grenades are being used. A cop was hit by a grenade from his own side and repatriated back into his ranks! .... The situation remains stable at Le Sabot with cops positioned in the field but standing still.
- 9:05: cops destroy the huts in the forest floor of La Saulce. There are always friends in the trees. The side of La Sabot, not one machine is destroying a barricade on the road Paquelais at Lighthouse West.
- 9am: the pace battuc resistance (samba band) at La Saulce barricades. Cops have paint thrown on their shields at La Sabot where they are positioned in front of the hut.
- 8:55: Cop climbers and a chainsaw in the woods of La Saulce. They are aware that there are people in the trees. There would be an arrest (perhaps La Saulce?). The cops retreating at the Northern barricade at La Saulce.
- 8:50: ZAD resumed the offensive from the center of the Saulce and from a barricade! Courage and rage!
- 8:40: a sixty GM entered the field of Le Sabot after a few confrontations, they are outside the house.
- 8:39: arrival of a dozen trucks on the side of Le Sabot, which crosses the flaming barricade the cops are at the center of the barricades at La Saulce: they stay there! East and North barricades are still alive! People also arrive black smoke emerges, explosions are heard.
- 8:32: cops past the barricades and entered La Saulce and seek the cabins. At the Far Ouest, police vehicles are blocked by the barricade which is on fire at Le Sabot, the cops are walking in line on the way in.
- 8:25: they arrive at the barricades of La Saulce which were built on the D81, the North and the South: resistance begins again.
- 8:20: La Saulce is also a destination for the police ... Three trucks approaching the Suez road
- At Ardillières, the cops let pedestrian pass only (and tractors) on presentation of identity card.
- 8:10: The helicopter made a little reconnaissance above La Saulce.
- 8:05: the cops are positioned around Le Sabot, the field in front and try to go there by the way of Courage Pimki!
- 8am: cops entered the path between Le Sabot and les Cent Chênes.
- 7:50: cops entered the chamin behind the shoe at Pimky.
- 7:45: Comrades call for reinforcements at Le Sabot.
- 7h30: NDDL situation: two police vans and two cars parked in front of the Post Office, a van in front of the canteen, and a car blocking the road towards the Paquelais. The helicopter arrived.
- 7h30: cops have got passed the first barricade on the road into the Far Ouest (occupation), many vehicles parked behind the barricade. Thirty cops move towards Le Sabot, thirty to the Far Ouest. Resistance begins.
- 7:20: several vans arrived outside the barricade of the Far Ouest (from the Paquelais): the barricade on fire
- 7:10: traffic is also blocked at the crossroads of Boissière a car cops they let the "locals"
- 7am: cops (2 trucks) pass people walking at Ardillières
- 6:20: blocked traffic and also from NDDL Vigneux ...
- 5:50: a car blocks from the Paquelais to NDDL and Fay
- 5:30: two cop cars blocking traffic from Ardillières towards Vigneux