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Against the airport and its world: they destroy our place of organization, we will occupy theirs!

Thursday 29 November 2012

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On November 17, there were about 40,000 of us to take over the Chestnut Plantation near Notre-Dame-des-Landes to build a organisation place for the fight. Since Friday 23 the site has been maintained despite police harassment, seizure of equipment and tools and physical violence. On 4th December, there will be a trial to allow the removal and destruction of this place.

We will not let them destroy our buildings without retaliating. Together, it is our turn to intervene in their places of organization. If they come to demolish the Chestnut Plantation, we call for occupations of places of power in all cities. From now, we are preparing ourselves.

In the 48h following the destruction of the Chestnut Plantation, let’s assemble in front of the (sub-) prefectures, municipalities, town halls etc.. !

In addition, we now invite the protesters and all those who refuse this project to be ready for another major demo.

The general organization of the reoccupation demo, November 27, 2012