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the collective individual

Monday 18 March 2013

I wrote this into respons of what goes around and with me on the zad. Everyone has his reality, bagage to care and fights to fight. This is how i ’sea’ change.

i see this dark and twisted society
created by a manipulating minority
and accepted by a blindfolded majority
that is supporting this grotesque insanity
under control of powerful illusions and feared brutality
they are silently receiving shiny objects for their slavery
automatically forced to kill themselfs by corrupting their energy
while being distracted of the natural algoritme of harmony

i try not to fall for this tragedy
that is trying to strangling my reality
pushing me towards solitude and poverty
but i can see with universal clarity
that my own existance is full of hypocrisy
and that my inner-state is my real enemy
knowing this is my true liberty
to live in freedom and modest divinity

I experience this all-in-one connectivity
with the eye of an individual singularity
that sees the forces created by infinit unity
collective creation of information is truly
our consciensness in a beautiful mode of piracy
but i choose not to walk the path of a destructive equality
i wanne guide this life towards an utopic history
so we can ALL enjoy the splenders of solidarity