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We won’t go?

Friday 9 November 2012

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Following a text that has been released on sunday the 14th of october, two days before the beginning of evictions.

We won’t go?

« I don’t want to go » does not mean « I’m not going to go ». In fact, I even may run away rapidly when they come to take me. Running away has nothing to do with coward or bravery; it’s just elementary self-defence. There’s no shame or proudness to put in that, only a strategical and political relation to assess. I’m not fighting to produce nor martyred, neither broken people destroyed by violent crackdown. I refuse to be part of that warrior macho culture without fears that pretend that nothing would break us, where confessing weakness is a taboo. I want a fight where swatters assume not feeling strong. To repeat incantatory expressions meaning that we will not fold, and that we will not run away, is as efficient to give me strength as a placebo for curing. Maybe it works for those who want to believe it. For the others, it’s more likely to make them feeling guilty. It’s not about stating loud and clear that we won’t go or that we won’t fold, but it’s about wondering on the conditions that will enable us to hold out, without ending crushed.

I refuse to deny our chronicle impotence as well as I refuse resignation that let our enemies powerful and omnipotent, which would forbid subversion. I found more strength in a realistic attempt which does not promise that « we will win because it is the only way », which does not string us along with promises telling that « only few black clouds can make the sky dark »… There are more than few black clouds these days, I believe. It does not remove on me the idea to be the parasite of this brave new world, like an oil stain on the top of a controlled and sterilized ocean. And this stain will require more than a new generation cleaner to get off, because it will not be built on a weak illusion, that one that promise victory at fingertips.

Ah! If only all stains of the world would give hands! And by this movement exchange their evasion plans, and destruction of this world plans. “Run away, but running to get a weapon” as we would say.

I’m not protecting a territory. It’s also about capitalism, sexism, and others. I want to help holding dynamics that break isolation, that make solidarity exist to take the power of our lives. I want to defend the refusal of these territory inhabitants to let build the land by a hypothetic entity still exempt from exploitation and domination relationships. Here, is not and island out of the world. Common poverty encrusted hangs on here as anywhere. On the horizon, the expression “we’ll not get down”, we have things tod do together, still after evictions, even if we are thrown manu militari, seems more appropriate to show all resistance strategies that we can consider.