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In the grove, and elsewhere, resistance and sabotage

Tuesday 25 February 2014

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The 16th of October 2012, first day of "Operation César", a failed attempt to evict us from the zone, the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Christian de Lavernée declared to mainstream media: "If the state can’t take back the zone, then we should be worried for the state". The state should be very worried and should die by its cause! One year and a half later, we are still here. Our rage and determination stay intact because of this so called democracy, totally dedicated to the cause and interest of large corporations and the financial system, will never represent us. It is contrary to what we uphold; complete emancipation from the capitalistic claws within which the government tries to imprison us. Self-Organizers, we renounce this deadly system, repudiate and fight for our common dream of freedom, our aspiration to autonomy is the antithesis.

The ZAD is an amazing laboratory for social experimentation, the diversity of our opinions and our desire for communal emancipation reflects in our daily lives. We move forward, united, with all our differences, and that is where we find our strength and wealth. The fact that we voluntarrily exclude ourselves from capitalism, and live without it, allows us to confront our ideas without any obstacles. This way we can break the established order that isolates and destroys all resistance against its ever more dominating tendencies.

We don’t believe in elections and we confirm loud and clearthat it is possible to change the world that they want to impose upon us by force while they lead us to believe that we have liberty. The government’s propaganda tries to hold up a vision which they claim to be the only one possible. Representative democracy is only a circus under the boot of industrial lobbyists. We can manage our own lives. We believe in consensus, in living together and not in a majority micromanaged by the system and placed in opposition to the minority so nothing would change. Thats the reason why we build our lives far away from the election box. We wish to break an established order that wants everyone to be individualized, easily fooled by a smile, faced to an ultraliberal machine. To vote is to choose a master, to wear a leash.

Geo-engineering is engineering lives. The gentrification, concrete all over the place, this desocialisation at a forced pace in cities and up to the edges of the countrysides ripping away their history and lives to take from them their lands, their streets, their neighbourghoods, their villages; it is surveyed, segmented, controlled, closed, operated, exploited — to make each inch profitable. This way, the experts, mnions of capitalism who serve the soup to VINCI, want to streamline the ecosystems, dominate the living, forge it into the image of the capital, give it a market value and exploit the richness nature has offered us since the dawn of time. But their green layer is superficial, it doesn’t fool the poeple of the ZAD. Behind their environmental rhetoric they expand the privatisation of all living things. The transatlantic market that they want to impose on us goes in that direction. Precariousness, GMOs, nuclear and shale gas for all.

Their management logics are not ours. Our homes are not compensable, we squatters are not species you can displace, nor are the plants and animals that share these living spaces! Don’t try to put our lives into little boxes with labels while we want to reappropriate them. They are not for sale. In spite of harrassments by lawyers and law enforcements we will not let them imprison us between four walls to adopt the mercantile behaviour that they want to impose on us.

Despite millions of euros having been wasted by the government, which appear to come from a bottomless pit and tons of money spent for police forces, the works haven’t started yet. At the slightest attemp to start the construction works, these have been systematically sabotaged. The "expertise" provided by Biotope, unworthy representatives of capitalist greenwashing, dismantled point by point. Environmentalists in the movement have shown the absurdity of the project. Talks about compensation for what can’t be replaced or moved is plainly & simply schizophrenic, but not surprising from an insane system that is entirely focused on the god of profit.

The growing occupations of the land dedicated for destruction intensifies and brings us together to make it more and more impossible for them to start the constructions. And let it be said, in case of an attack or if constructions start, a blockade of the region is being organized. Moments of collective local resistance are also in preparation. On the 2th of March an action in form of a walk and on the 16th a velorution (bicycle parade) will take place. All the details of these two events can be found on the website

At the end, the French state, AGO/VINCI and their kind of collaborating enterprises are in deep trouble. Their wetland eradication project is more than ever inaudible while entire communities in Brittany and elsewhere were infested by these waters in this same month. Our cause is simple; the hedges, the trees, the land, the forests, the farmlands are disappering for the profit by concrete and the capitalistic action on climate change that only intensifies the phenomenon. What ever may come out of it, we will not move from here. We are not only occupying the zone, we live in it. Our solidarity is our strength, it will definitely bury this project of AyraultPort*. Tomorrow, with all the relationships we created we raise many more possibilities!

Vinci FUCK-OFF, resistance and sabotage!

Zadist, le 22 february 2014

* Jean Marc Ayrault, prime minister and ex mayor of Nantes, wants to see his baby born