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Against the drillings from the 6th to the 9th June

Thursday 26 May 2011

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As the summer begins, the fight against the airport in Notre Dame des Landes is intensifying.

The machines, and the human machines which protect them, are on their way.

The French state has given warning to a local farmer that, from the 6th – 9th June, a machine will be coming to drill 4 holes on his field. The field is the planned site of the control tower, and the drillings in June will be the first works on the site of the future airport. Most of the previous works have been to prepare for the construction of the highway bypass which they plan to build on the southern edge of the airport. The local farmer who is cultivating the field is in opposition to the project, and a member of the association ADECA (defense association of the farmers afflicted by the airport project) In february 2011, as well as other years, drilling machines have been escorted by an enormous convoy of police. Once on the field, the machines are protected by 4 x 4, military police on foot, aswell as police vehicles which patrol the area. This time we expect the same mobilisation of state robots. On Thursday 12th May, the surveyors were supposed to enter the field to prepare for the drillings. Many people gathered to occupy the field and block the entrances from the road. They weren’t able to work that day.

For local autonomy, against the expropriation and destruction of the land, against the expansion of the industrial and police state, for all the long list of reasons why the project of the airport should not go ahead, we oppose the planned works of the 6th - 9th June, aswell as all other works concerning the airport and it’s world. In solidarity with those who want to stay and protect their homes and fields, and with the new inhabitants occupying the terrain of the airport and bypass, we call for 4 days of action. As the first works to take place on the site of the future airport, the field in question is a strategic point for both the advancement of the project and the resistance against it. We invite you to occupy this field from the sunday evening and throughout the 4 days.

Rendez-vous 5th June at 5 PM at La Vache-Rit (25km north of Nantes, between Vigneux de Bretagne and Fay de Bretagne).

During the drillings period, point on the situation every day an 1 PM end 7 PM and infopoint at Les Planchettes.

If the above meeting points are not reacheable, meeting at Jules Vernes parking at La Paquelais.

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