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Major events this weekend in Nantes and at the ZAD:

Saturday 14 April 2018

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Major events this weekend in Nantes and at the ZAD:

- Saturday 14 - Demonstration against the expulsions from the ZAD in Nantes -
- Meet at 4:30 p.m. on the Place du Cirque (also, meeting at 2:30 p.m. against Macron’s antisocial policies)

- Sunday 15 - Convergence on the ZAD
- at 12 noon on the Chemin de Suez in response the operation on the ground

Review of the latest events of Friday morning:

When Will They Really Stop Attacking the ZAD?!

At least three people were arrested this morning during the massive deployment and forced entrance of gendarmes into several locales at the ZAD, again and further increasing tension. In parallel, the Prefect – this is not her first contradictory act or statement – had announced a halt to the military/police eviction operations in the ZAD after a week of destruction of homes and agricultural spaces. The inter-group assemblies that bring together ZAD residents and the various components of the movement will reflect and determine the appropriate responses to the current orders being issued by the Prefecture at the appropriate time. But what is certain at this moment is that we consider the brutal show of force this morning intolerable, as well as the manifest desire to take revenge on those who have defended the living spaces in the ZAD by making arrests. What we are sure of is that it will not be possible to reflect serenely on what is to happen next so long as the ZAD is targeted by this type of police action. And what we firmly believe, after the formidable wave of solidarity that rose this week, is that despite the destructions, the ZAD will find ways to continue to live and to resist. We maintain our call for our supporters to join us massively here on the ground at noon on Sunday. We also remind you of the demonstration against the expulsions and for the future of the ZAD tomorrow in Nantes at 4:30 p.m. beginning at the Place du Cirque.


Buses/coaches and group transportation are being organized everywhere, it’s completely... wow! However, given the suddenness of events, it’s not all that easy to keep everything straight. To you organize, get in touch with your local committees – http://comites-ndl. (or create you own!)

Also here are a few thing we’ve taken note of that you can use/distribute depending on your needs:

- There’s already a lot of practical information at “Infos pratiques” at

- Print one or more of the maps (to give to people): updated high-definition map with all localities: forest map:,47.34854899999999 + situation update (with reservations given the fluctuating situation):

Even though what we want is a convergence that can handle a maximum number of people, we advise you to take note of:

Number of the Legal Team: +33 6 75 30 95 45 (and read the Antirep advice: (in English, possibly not up to date:

Medic Team number: +33 7 58 05 74 78 Please note: The Medic team is now at La Transfus and a second one at Le Liminbout

ZAD emergency number: +33 6 43 92 07 01 /// New Supplies number: +33 7 80 70 32 23 /// Number of Radio Klaxon (ZAD radio station 107.7 FM): +33 7 53 38 06 70

We also heartily advise you to take a look at the list of needs / appeals for donations: Hitchiking:

As you approach the nearest big cities, such as Rennes and Nantes, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to hitchhike:
- Rennes: [Métro: Henri Freville]: Go down the slope towards Alma and go around to the other side of the roundabout and you’ll find yourself on the highway/motorway to Nantes
- Nantes: [Tram: Orvault Grand Val]: hitchhike on the roundabout after the end of the tram line towards Orvault Bourg, then towards La Paquelais.


- Our friends at Bure are lending us site for organizing: Coeurs-paillettes-chocolat sur vous les Hiboux-doux ! We’re keeping you in our minds and hearts and hope that many many people will join you super quickly if they can’t come be here with us...

- are offering a lot of trips: for example from Rennes:

- Demosphere, the open calendar – – have a car-pooling tab for each of the events. So if a call for mobilisation is posted there, like the one for Nantes – –, you can sign up there (“Covoiturage”). And if not you can always propose one as a national appeal by adding a line explaining that you want to organise transportation locally.

- Blablacar (much less open) also has car-poolings for this weekend. However we must warn you that people are having fun by creating several fake accounts on Blablacar and listing fake car-poolings to the ZAD: only trust the accounts where there are several long-standing comments!

- Even though we always prioritize organisation without the social networks that track and sell your data collaborate too readily, we should mention a group on Facebook, and therefore not safe, but... created to organize for those of you who use it exclusively:

- And, supreme irony, you may be able to use the site, which was created by the government to bust the rail workers’ strike? We don’t really know what it’s worth or really how it works, but if it can help our Start-up Nation to rebuild, we’re all to happy to demonstrate our capacity for dialogue using the government’s proposals :p

In fact we sincerely would prefer it if all the transport strikers would strike by providing free transportation to Notre-Dame-des-Landes, which would be awesome! We’ll take advantage of the opportunity to tell you that with your generosity and support you are now proving that you can struggle EVERYWHERE for EVERYBODY! What you are doing for us, you can also do to help young people fight the privatisation of the education, help people in precarious situations find and keep a home, an income, or simply the dignity of not possessing wealth – which can be a choice –, help workers to keep from being individualized enslaved under the yoke of false competition, help keep health a shared and common good, and also energy, help here and beyond our borders, both physical and psychic.

Against the world of Macron and money, Sunday, let’s make the ZAD the tomb of capitalism, and starting Monday, lets transpose our struggle everywhere!!!

Reminder: We combat, daily, and try to deconstruct sexist, virilist, homophobic, racist, classist, validist, able-ist, etc. behaviours; we will not accept them among us, even under the pretext of confrontation. And don’t forget: We are the “good guys” and we will win in the end!