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discussions, projections on the questions around the domination and exploitations of human and non-human animals with dinner and bar

Monday 8 August 2016

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Friday 12 august from 15h00 at the wardine

- from 15h00 till 18h00 : discussions on different subjects in smaller or a large group (depends on the numbers)

  • Radical ecology
  • creation of a collectif on the zad and AntiRep donation box + infokioske (the place "domaines libéré" will function as their centralised place)
  • commun points between the struggles against the different forms of domination and exploitation imposed on the human and non-human animals
  • the limits of exploitation and the merchandising/consuming of the living beings in our spaces of struggles and gatherings
    - from 18h00 till 20h30/21h00 : informal discussions while priparing the vegan food and eat together
    - at 20h30/21h00 : projection of the movie "Bold Native" (english with french subtitles), american movie based on actions of the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) where they organise in a timespan of 2 years dozens of animal liberations executed in one night nationwide.

during dinner and projection and after there will be drinks available for the antirep donation box

As we have little means to pay to print zines and documentations we invite you to bring information on the subjects to share for an infokioske

questions and propositions?
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