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Week against speciesism, the airport and its world

Sunday 29 October 2017

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All week open info-kiosk, discussions / informal exchanges & organisation in "les domaines libérées" (Internet point on the maps of the zad). If you want synchronize / organize or participate in the proposed times during the week, we are accessible all week to the domaines libérées (liberated domains) or on the tel 0758602550 or email Recordings of radio klaxon broadcasts will also be available afterwards on the Internet. Feel free to send us proposals if you have things to say on the subject but you could not come.

- Monday october 30th, from 3pm to 6pm at the Radio Bus or on the waves of radio Klaxon emission (fr / en) on horn radio, readings of texts, music, criticism on the subject of the speciesism and that domination which surrounds us and in which we are often accomplices indirectly, recordings and interviews. Space and waves will be open to all with the possibility of bringing back what to hack the show around the subject of speciesism. stream: & tel: 0753380670 & email:

- Tuesday, october 31th RV from 10am at the domaines Libérées, visual subversion workshop To make signs, banners, posters against speciesism, to hang here and there on the zone and around to make cogitate on the dominance speciste
- bring your ideas of slogans, striking one-liners, drawings or images ...

- Wednesday november 1st from 18h at the Wardine Discussion / debate on speciesism in our struggles, in our movements (farmers or not) and in the speeches of food autonomy. Possibilities of a future of the farmer without animal exploitation, reconversion of cruel, pastoral and traditional / folk practices We are still working on the form to give the possibility of having an open debate on the subject with local breeders + vegan meal around 20h-21h

- Thursday november 2nd from 14h at gourbi Expression workshop (writing / drawing) on ​​speciesism in our lives and in the zad We will try to write texts from lived experiences, analysis, or from small exercises such as: to ask what is our behavior with other animals; to be "in the skin" of other animals (non-human and human) The goal would be to make a little thing to broadcast, eg. in the form of a zine, in the zadnews, on the site of the zad

- Friday november 3rd at la wardine, around 20h-20h30 Projection & discussion (with antispe Info-stand): "Cowspiracy" is a recent documentary about the disastrous impact of animal husbandry and their infrastructures on the environment. Kip Andersen, reveals exclusive information on the policies of environmental groups.

- Saturday november 4th ??? protest in the zad or elsewhere? Action on the zad or outside? we will discuss this during the week against speciesism with the participants / interested in the events of the week.

- Sunday, November 5th from 15h until ? (the end of speciesism and all other oppressions ?) (international day in commemoration of barry horne and all the victims of speciesism.) Barry horne is an animal defender who died in prison after several hunger strikes against vivisection while serving 18 years in prison for placing incendiary bombs in fur stores and cooking.) radio broadcasts bilangue (fr / en), open mic, exchanges, stories of actions / events of the week and live & international interactions, details to come soon.