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NEWS FLASH on the situation Thursday, October 25

Friday 26 October 2012

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See below for the news of the day

Click HERE for general information, how to get there, photos and videos, results of last week, stuff to bring ...

We invite you to join us for this weekend:Invitation for the "second wave of expulsion"For the camp organized on this occasion (on not evictable zone), we need some big tops, tents or other structures. Let us know if you can lend some!


Daily appointments:

Notre Dame des Landes, from 9 a.m: “permanence team” at the post office square (Local Unions office - angle opposite the Town Hall) to move to the area Nantes, from 10 a.m: citizen watch at Pont Morand Nantes, 7 p.m, now 1 evening on 2, the next is Thursday: gathering in front of the prefecture Rennes, 6 p.m every night: review at the strike home

Appointment today: 7 p.m in Nantes, this 1 night on 2: gathering outside the prefecture Vienne: evening news around the ZAD and expulsions From 10:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m in Nîmes: The association ARBRES will hold an info point at the clock square

Appointment to come: 26 to 28/10: Toulouse National Congress of the PS (socialist party)... call for gathering here Friday 26/10: Nantes 7 p.m: Organizational meeting of the reoccupation demonstration Friday 26/10: ZAD: Invitation for the "second wave of expulsion" Friday 26/10: Strasbourg demonstration against the airport HERE Friday 26/10: Nimes info point at the clock square from 10:30 AM to 5:30 p.m Friday 26/10: Gathering at Rennes Town Hall Square at 6:30 p.m Friday 26/10: Chateaubriant: gathering in front of the City Hall at 6:30 p.m Saturday 27/10 3 p.m Nantes: 4th monthly protest against the airport Saturday 27/10: Lille picnic Saturday 27/10 - Vannes - 9:30 a.m in front of the post office: in support of the anti-airport NDDLandes and against evictions Wednesday 31/10: The group "Vinci go out Touraine" calls for a rally in front of the headquarters of the real estate subsidiary of the company at 6 p.m, 52 bis rue Bernard Palissy Tours

HERE appointment that struggles comrades have told us.

A high resolution map HERE

News of the day

- 10 p.m: at this time we thought to be quiet, but they are still at work in Limimbout. The neighbors have tried to call the prefecture, firefighters, and others to report noise and odor nuisances night ... They were told they just had to remove ...

- 8 p.m: we learn that they have (inadvertently?) took onboard a beehive by removing the rubble of the destroyed half-dryer .... and they are called eco-friendly ....

- 7:15 p.m: And as there is not only at NDDL that the PS (socialist party) evicts, wet relay the call to protest against the eviction of the Only venue: Eviction of the Olny venue tomorrow (Friday 26th) from 6am! call support and demonstration Saturday at 3 p.m

- 6:50 p.m: heard on Radio Kloxon: "no special news, so we took the opportunity to thank you for all the clothes, words of encouragement, wine, and the rest received, you’re great!"

- 6:39 p.m.: 8 truck of the ABO company are trying to load the rest of the house to the Liminbout

- 5:25 p.m: The Fausses Noires are released from their occupants in blue/black and the bread is ready, thanks to the favorite baker!

- 5:14 p.m: not so much news about the area. we send our spies to check if they can give us some view of the outside situation .... :)

- 3.45 p.m: a sitting is being on the road to La Boissiere, the DDE has promised to call the police.

- 3h20 p.m: we invite you to read this testimony

- 2:10 p.m: the cops make checks (with a priori vehicles searches) between the Paquelais and Ardillères. They are also present at the junction of the road to the Fosses Noires near La Saulce and walking in the fields around the intersection of the road to the Fosses Noires on the Sabot side.

- 1:36 p.m.: we know a little more about what happens at Limimbout: at night, other asbestos trashes are deposited on the spot, forcing them to deal with these new trashes! Hence stop site for now ...

- 11:50 a.m: At Limimbout since this morning they took a bucket of scrap iron out. The crane is stopped for about half an hour but the asbestos taking out seems still going. Many cops around, and intelligence service visit in the morning

- 11:25 a.m: A person might have been arrester approx 1 hour ago in Vigneux

- 10:25 a.m: The Fosses Noires is blocked by police who only want to allow the construction site gears (at least by the Rohanne mill side)

- 9:00 a.m: Work is underway on the half-houseof the Dryer that they destroyed, and at Limimbout

According to the office of the Prefect cited by Ouest France, all work is carried out perfectly, and could take some time (12 days for a house in the Pré-failli...)

The other info from Ouest France is that Nantes airport celebrates 50 years of the Paris-Nantes airline and that the traffic has been increased by 5% ... it looks like provocation, no ... ?

- 8:00: resumption of traffic police: convoys of 5-6 trucks reported: towards the Temple, toward the Fausses Noires, Vigneux, and 5-6 in front of the Limimbout ...

- 6:30: No news about the surroundings, only solidarity messages that accumulate in the inbox, stories of passing people came to share a moment of struggle, and mountains of dry socks coming ... even if the press is trying to convey the idea that the support will run out, we do not believe it!