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Nantes, Cement’s capital 2013

Wednesday 31 July 2013

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During « Nantes, european green capital », the National Assizes of Biodiversity takes place from the 1st to 3rd of july. The famous eco-terrorism organizations – the National Federation of Public Work and Bouygue Construction – organized it. To be clear, it’s lobbying for building industry under the cover of eco-friendly label.

This forum is the opportunity to talk about cement’s scandales that occure in Brazil hydroelectric’s projects. The french company GDF-SUEZ is well established there : it is building the Jirau’s dam since 2008 ; and it recently asked the Concremat company to sample biotope (wildlife & flora), to take part probably to dam’s call to tender in Sao Louis do Tapajos and Jatoba.

The brazilian’s government decided few years ago to build huge dam in Amazonia, within the framework of « Brazil’s growth acceleration programme ». Once more, The Holy Growth is the pretext to build useless huge projects that destroy life, indigenous’s living places and populations around.

The Belo Monte dam’s struggle is the symbol of resistance against hydroelectric’s project in Rio Teles Pires, Tapajos and Xingu. Munduruku, Kayabi and Apiaka occupied two times the construction site of the hydroelectric factory in Belo Monte to protect the Rio Teles Pires from irreversible damage.

Their struggle get the suspension of feasibiliy study in the Xingu’s region. Wether it is Vinci, GDF-Suez or Bouygues, whatever, all these companies are the opposit of biodiversity protection and life !

Stop projects that destroy life, people and living places.

Inhabitants from ZAD – Notre Dame des Lande (France)

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