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Radio Klaxon: the pirate radio made by pirates who have never done radio...

Thursday 19 December 2013

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Radio Klaxon (car horn) is a pirate radio made by pirates who have rever done radio. it is a group of people of all genders actively engages around speech on the radio (and elsewhere) against the airport and its world, and in other struggles.

it is also:
- a tool of links between collectives, between free-media/auto-media groups, between "zads" (zones to defend) between lands and cultures, for the expression of the desires of united peoples
- a passageway of internal communication on the zad, towards the enlargement of listeners and participants
- a reciver and transmitter of struggles here and elsewhere
- a place for confronting ideas and a space of responses
- a shield and a lever of suppressions of all forms of racist, sexist, and authoritarian domination
- educational tool to understanding what’s at stake culturally in order to reinforce the effectiveness of the struggle against cultural domination
- the voice of those in struggle silenced by the dominant media
- a tribune of self-critique and permanent evolution of political activity and of all forms of struggle

it is:
- the pirates of 107.7FM who squat the airwaves of vinci, streaming direct on HONK HONK!

Radio Klaxon will be: a platform of ideas, thoughts, tries, desires, curiosites, daring, knowledge, exchange, games, poems, recipes, jokes, mind blowing speaking, hostility to religion and tradition, shit-loving porn, insect-loving queers, passion for knitting; about silkworms, utopias, yeast, hemp, knots for sailing, antiques, passionate stories from the present, news on yesterday’s struggles or tomorrow’s revolution. the scapegoat of progress, mythology, meridians, equinoxes, lunar and seasonal calendars, recipes for good soil, schedule of meetings and activities on the zad, vegetables and seasonal harvest, old remedies, traditional secrets, interviews, concerts, improv, live meetings, storytellers, singers, rappers, rhymers and those who love muses, speechmakers... all those who create the radio dreamed of by passionate people.

thus our common strategy is to:

- develop desires and radio projects for the week, filling up the schedule hung up at an agreed upon place or shared at the weekly meeting
- always put priority on what is on the schedule (even if there is already someone in the studio), and put priority on the fixed announcements of radio klaxon (traffic info/ cop displacements, announcements, klaxon program, zad news, written or verbal messages...)
- be sure to use the collective tools well- fill out the info notebook!!
- don’t ever say any names to respect the confidentiality of people engaged (add a hyperlink that will send people to the legal implications and about collective and individual responsability)
- propose the airwaves to people, and become an initiator, an interviewer
- repeat often the number of the open studio 0033-67-73-90-687 for information (for information on the cops call the emergency number)
- participate and/or propose workshops to be more autonomous (how to set up a studio, how to edit sound- make radio programs, jingles...)
- make the radio a mouth-hand tool of the whole zad, spreading the right to speak, the desire to share, to yell, to bring pleasure to the yellers, collective listenings, sharing...
- turn on your fuckin’ radio! mailbox for exchanging and sharing content, radio links, communication with other structures on the zad, with other automedia groups mailbox for exchanging and sharing information and content concerning other struggles and occupations, zads (no tav, no elcon, la mat, merindol, morvan, rennes-les-bains, decines, LEOpart, MUOS, Skouries...)