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January 24, 3 surveyors walking around on the ZAD

Saturday 26 January 2013

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Yesterday, Thursday January 24, 3 surveyors accompanied by (only!) 2 national guardsmen were walking around comfortably on the ZAD.

Close to le Rosier, they were marking out the path of the “future” 4 lane highway, which leads us to believe that there will be archeological digs or other preliminary works in this place in the next couple of weeks.

They are easy to recognize; they wear neon yellow high-vis vests so we can easily target them with rocks! They are planting little orange mushrooms (survey pickets) and it is important to pull them out systematically. Yesterday afternoon their work was interrupted and the survey stakes pulled out. It’s child’s play to get rid of them (with 5 or more people, just running towards them is enough to freak them out).

Next week there is a walk planned the length of the proposed route of the highway. It’s important to walk regularly in this area to gather information about the works that are happening/will happen and to chase away the surveyors.

The struggle against the airport and the world that goes with it is not summed up by just resisting evictions. Blocking the roads and building barricades is good, but that shouldn’t make us lose sight of our main objective: hampering the works from going forward.

Some survey picket removers