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Saturday 27 October 2012

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One day more to "securize the zone".. In re-reading Press Océan today we find a chief cop weaping about ZAD which forced 80 military men more to be mobilized on the zone since 2 years, and this men would have been usefull for something else , for example fight against roberry. All the burglars of the zone listen : now it’s your time to manifest us solidarity ! 17h35 : people who wanted to rebuild the Préfaillite could’nt do it because of the cops. Apparently the comrads could go away without problems 16h10 : Destruction of Gaité is beginning. The roof is quickly destroyed and soon there is only crumblings from this house left. It was the first one to be occupied after Camp Action Climat of 2009 which had given a new energy of occupation. A dozen of people were living there and would welcome our friends visitors of la ZAD. It was a lively place, warm and far to be unhealthy. The house would have 100 years in 2014. Concerning the warehouse attached, equally destroyed, it welcolmed a freeshop (full) and sometimes concerts or meetings. Mort aux vaches !!! 16h05 : Regarding the 3 persons arrested yesterday at noon near Fosses noires : they’ve accepted to pass through immediat appearance and will be released in a few minutes, people are going to catch them. One has a conditional sentence of 400 euros for refusing to give his ADN and fingerprints; and we wait the outcome of the trial for the 2 others. 15h55 : On the side of la Gaité, a peasant saw military force cut the barbed wire fences and push the heifers out of the fields. 15h45 : In Préfaillaite , a reconstruction is going on. Military authorized deux people to pick up the rubble but they prohibited the entrance to others. Cops are now protecting the piles of rubble. You are welcome to join the place. 14h10 : military reinforcements arrive at la Gaité. Half of the ware house is removed from asbestos. Good news : they stucked their basket, and trying to get it out, they stucked their teleskopic manitou... and now they are really stuck ! 14h : legal point : we heard about 6 people arrested yesterday 1 person would have been arrested near Fosses Noires yesterday around 10’oclock and released around 17h30 yesterday 1 person arrested in Fosses Noires yesterday, was released yesterday around 16’oclock 3 persons would have been arrested in Fosses Noires and would still be in custody in the police station of Sautron 1 person arrested yesterday spend the night in Sautron and would have to go to court on immediat appearance today.

13h55 Many charges and and charges against are going on around la Gaité. Comrades are pushed away west ; but are still there. Cops seem to be wanting to make target arrests with mobile units. The press is there 13h30 : about 80 people are now around Gaité, and want to make the destruction of the warehouse last the longest time ! It’s charging on the corn side, but it’s calmer on the other side 12h50 : in fact, cops destroy the warehouse near la Gaité. Comrades are there notably with a battucada and motivated people, don’t wait to go and join them . 12h20 :There are comrades around la Gaité. They are surrounded by cops, which are gazing. A cow herd is being send several times towards the cops, who sett of their siren to make them back up, but finally the bovins brave the deafening sound and go towards them. 12h : Bel Air is still being blocked off and la Gaité is "work" in progress but still there, people are there . You are welcome to join them. Vinci asserts on Facebook that they are only doing there job and what’s more "nicely" 10h50 : work are still going on in Bel’ Air (blocking off like announced this morning ? ) and still in la Gaité (demolition). There are still cops movements on the zone .. and on our side, there are still people and resistance !! A little news for fun : until now; César’s campaign should have cost 500 000 € and have mobilized 1200 cops ... source Presse Océan 9h20 : the destruction of la Gaité is going on 8h40 : the crossroad of Ardillières is blocked by the cops in direction of Planchettes. Several military trucks have stopped on the road between Ardillière and Planchettes . A convoy with work wehicules have been seen in direction of Notre-Dame. 8h30 : another convoy with 2 diggers and a big truck have been seen at the east side of the zone. It seems the mayor of Notre-Dame did find a purchaser for the house Bel’Air 8h20 : 3 dumpster vans , a digger and one manitou escorted by militaries seen west, they are heading to the zone. 7h45 : It’s calm for now, some cops moving.