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Attention! Parvo virus is still on the Zad

Wednesday 23 April 2014

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Parvo virus is still on the Zad and caused the death of a puppy. This virus is very contagious. If you’re not yet on the Zad think well if you want to come with a dog especially if he/she is not vaccinated! Dogs younger than 2 years are especially vulnerable but its dangerous for all dogs.

This virus is extremely contagious and can survive in the environment for 6 months. It can be anywhere on the Zad (because it moves with our clothes, shoes...), places to particularly avoid are the forest behind the Vraies rouges and the fosses noires and Kahsquat (there were dead puppies last december). The risk of getting the virus can be reduced with a vaccination. It is not very expensive and takes normally between 10-14 days before it will be effective. Its important that the dog is in good health to do it. Once ill, the symptoms are vomitting, diarrhea (that stinks with blood), refusing to eat and drink, tiredness. A sign that the sickness is advanced is that he/she is dehydrated, you can see that if the gums are pale and if you gently twist the skin behind the neck it takes time to get back into place. IF the nose is dry it can also be an indicator of dehydration. The dog can have one or several of these symptoms. If you see one of these symptoms you have to react very quickly. If the sickness is advanced it can lead to death very quickly. Normally the dogs die of dehydration or an infection on top of the parvo. There is no specific treatment for this virus, you can only support the dog in fighting it. The essentiel is rehydration. You can go to the vet or treat the dog at home. In both cases there is a chance that the dog survives, hard to say what is best. Normally the vet will hospitalise the dog for some days and will give them an intravenous injection with water, antibiotics, antiinflammatories, antivomitting …). You cannot stay with the dog. The treatment is expensive, 500€ or more. At home you also have to rehydrate the dog (in the mouth or the bum) and give him herbs (antibacterial, antiviral...). It can be tiring, it has to be done day and night often every hour. If you decide to treat him at home, there will soon be instructions about how to do it in the Vraie rouges and also here, online.

In any case you have to react quickly and rehydrate them immediately. Spread the word! Good luck!