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Festive occupation at Liminbout, come join us!

Sunday 14 October 2012

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Saturday October 13th 8pm

Over the last few days the ZAD has been under the threat of massive and imminent evictions, sources suggest that a vast military operation is planned for this for Tuesday October 16th. But we’re not staying on the defensive, passively awaiting the arrival of an army under command of Vinci / AGO. This is why the occupants and residents of the ZAD, together, have prepared the opening of an emptied house planned for demolition. Together, because we are aware that we can’t allow the area to be emptied, that we refuse to stand back and be developed. We chose a festive occupation to laugh at those that take us for obedient, afraid, that imagine we’re ready to give up. What a mistake ! Our will to fight hasn’t changed at all !

Today, we’ve organised this neighbourhood party to male clear that this is our home, that we’re not leaving, that no police operation can stop us living in this place that we’ve chosen. Their airport can’t be built while we’re still here, if they really plan to kick us out they’ll need to show the real face of their power, bringing their army and above all keeping it there as we won’t allow the works to be carried out without reacting.

This weekend is planned as a moment of encounters, if you can come, -come join us ! After a masked ball on Saturday night, Sunday will be left for moments of meeting each other and exchanging perspectives of the struggle. We’ll eat together in this house we’ve opened together. On Sunday night the film Squat by Coehlo will be shown to feed a discussion on the use of occupations to struggle against urban development (gentrification) but also about the ZAD.

Various callouts are being circulated at the moment on the website, don’t hesitate to spread them around !

Joining us in occupation or preparing decentralised actions in solidarity, there’s lots of ways to support us. It’s our diversity of tactics that will enable us to surprise and overwhelm them !

You can read here the declaration read at the opening of the house at Le Liminbout.