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Programme and logistical infos for the intergalactic week – 16th to 24th August

Saturday 15 July 2017

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Please be aware that we can only receive a limited number of people (we have planned infrastructure for about 300 people), therefore we need to know beforehand how many of you will come in order to organize the logistics. Ideally, we would like participants to be there from the beginning until the end to be able to build a collective process during the whole week.

See the announcement of the week here: To tell us that you are coming or for general information, write to:

The contents and discussions of the week are designed to promote encounters and exchanges between people involved in the movement here on site, inhabitants of la Zad and groups from other countries. However people from Nantes and the local area are obviously also invited, to meet together, especially during the discussions.

Participants are invited to propose contributions to any of the announced discussions. You can also get in touch us if you want to offer other workshops or discussions. However, we have chosen to give more time to a limited number of broad themes, so as to be able to move forward rather than multiply many different topics. This programme is subject to changes, it gives an idea about themes and dates, but for lease check before coming.

The mornings will be dedicated to collective work opportunities and to ensure the smooth running of the week’s logistics. There will be the possiblity of taking part in building the Ambazada, the Intergalactic cabin (see the invitation here: as well as collective work in various sites of the Zad (e.g., barn construction, carpentry, helping with collective crops, fence maintenance, collecting wood for the bakery, basket making...) Please come with a tent, a sleeping and bring a leash if you come with a dog, some people don’t feel at ease with dogs, there will be small kids and dogs can make troubles with farming animals around).


From 8am to 9.30am - Breakfast

9.30am to 1pm - Distributing collective and logistical tasks

1pm – Lunch

From 3pm – Discussions and workshops

8pm - Dinner

Monday 14 August

6pm – Ambazada – Organisation meeting about the intergalactic week. To join the organisation and recap what still needs doing

Tuesday 15 August

From 10am – Setting up – All help welcome

Wednesday 16 August

Welcome evening: - Khan bogd (traditional music from Mongolia) + Badbad (electro) + lovataraxx (synthwave - grrenoble) + DJ’s electro + aerial show

Thursday 17 August

Morning 11am /// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

Afternoon 3pm /// Walk to share the history of the struggle and discover la Zad

Evening /// Discussion about a farms’ network in the Basque country

Friday 18 August

Morning 9am /// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

Afternoon 3pm /// Presentation of Errekaleor, the Basque squatted neighbourhood in Vitoria-Gasteiz - what kind of exchanges might be possible between la Zad and Errekelaor? A general look at struggles in the Basque country.

Afternoon 6pm /// Looking back at the G20 in Hamburg and other stories…

Afternoon 6pm /// Discussion about basque and breton languages

Saturday 19 August

Morning 9am /// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

Afternoon 3pm /// Defend la Zad trainings - blockades, getting to know the lay of the land, groups, etc.

Evening 9pm /// Presentation by comrades from the NO TAV struggle about the history of the struggle and its stategic evolutions

Evening 11pm /// Tarbiya (Touareg Blues in exile - quartier des Lentillères - Dijon)

Sunday 20 August

Morning 9am /// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

Afternoon 3pm /// Discussion about the situation of people in exile around the world, in Europe, in France – Discussion with people in exile who squat in Nantes, presentation of the No Border network – Facilitating mobility and settlement of people through the organisation of networks for welcoming them around the world...

Afternoon 6pm /// Looking back at the Spring 2016 movement in France and the front opening up to face the labour laws reforms / exchanges with other European movements against the liberal offensive

Monday 21 August

Morning 9am /// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

Afternoon 3pm /// A struggle against the destruction of one of the last primeval forests of Europe: Bialowieza Forest in Poland

Afternoon 4.30pm /// Experience of an international person in the Kurdish struggle

Afternoon 6pm /// Discussion and experience sharing about sustaining and densifying autonomous zones in cities as well as in the countryside

Evening 9pm /// Film Screening "pas res nos arresta" about the "Amassada", the occitan name for a cabin which, for the last 3 years, has been defying a gigantic electrical transformer in St Victor, in the South of France. Built thanks to the zad dynamic, it is there to reinforce the farmers’ and residents’ struggle. But the public consultation is coming and fight is looming for the autumn...

Tuesday 22 August

Morning 9am /// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work

Afternoon 3pm /// Presentation-discussion about the resistance by indigenous women from Chile to Mexico. Presentation of the Zapatista women’s revolutionary laws. Discussion about the strategy underlying the candidacy of an indigenous woman to the presidential elections in Mexico. /// Present situation of Mapuche’s struggles in Chile and Argentina.

Evening 6.30pm /// Presentation by Starhawk and Isabelle Stengers "On being sensitive: the role of rituals and spirit in activism"

Wednesday 23 August

Morning 9am /// Organise the week’s logistics and collective work + Workshop with Starhawk (Please note that there are no places left for this!) on resolving/disolving conflicts in groups + water rituals

Afternoon 3pm /evening

Concluding discussions in 3 moments

  •  Reflexion on pursuing the connections for the defense of the Zad
  •  Various announcements and presentations of current struggles and future events coming up elsewhere
  •  Beyond: how does this gathering contribute to rethink networks and strategies for struggles

Thursday 24 August

From 9am and all day : Tidying up and dismantling the camp

Evening /// Dancing party in spatiotemporal fault

Some info about the workings of the camp

Timings :

  • Breakfast 8.30am-9.30am 
  • Organising the day 9.30am 
  • Meals 1pm and 8pm

Welcome : When you arrive, please drop by the welcome point. It will be open from 11am to 1pm and 7pm to 8pm.

Logistics : It may seem obvious, but we are asking everyone to get actively involved in the meals preparation, washing the dishes, cleaning the toilets and collective spaces. There is a large board at the welcome point, that should be filled (if possible at the beginning of the week).

Meals : Meals prepared by the kitchen will be vegans and on donation, among other things to make sure that everyone can eat. Thanks for being fair, so that the kitchen doesn’t end up in debt. Every day, the kitchen will need to know in advance how many people it is cooking for. It is thus necessary to register at the welcome point and say how many meals you are intending to eat. It is easier if you register 3 hours in advance, otherwise bring something to eat.

Noise : The camp and collective spaces are near each other and not far from other living spaces on the zad. After midnight (except on concert nights), we are asking that there is no noise that could prevent campers and neighbours from sleeping.

Showers : It will be possible to take lukewarm showers on camp and warm showers in the Wardine. See the map. Go ahead, but please remember that many of us all wish to use them too !

Care : In case of illness or injury, there is a medic caravan on site as well as a tent where it is possible to have a quiet moment. As we are quite a few on site, please wash your hands regularly (and everytime you are going to the toilets) so as to avoid risks of tourista.

Dogs : If you come with a dog, please make sure that it is on leash in order to avoid conflicts and problems (some people do not feel comfortable with dogs, there will be small children and dogs might cause problems with farm animals in the vicinity).

Cash : Money donated (at the welcome point or the kitchen) will go to the kitchen and the camp organisation (so that all organising expenses are covered, including some presenters who needed to have their travel covered in order to come/

Beware : We do not want any behaviours that might be sexist, racist, homophobic… and all other dominating behaviours on the camp. We are asking you all to be attentive to this.

Pictures: Always ask people before taking pictures (still or video).

Documentation : We do not want any journalistic work being carried out on site without it being agreed before hand with the organising crew and without people on site being warned so that no one can find themselves the subject of a story without their consent, even in case of activist media.

Collective work : There will be daily work on the intergalactic cabin Ambazada, next to the camp. Other collectives on the zad will invite you to take part in all kinds of collective work, especially in the mornings, and will be very happy to welcome you. The list will be available at the welcome point. It is possible (even recommended!) to register in advance to facilitate the organisation.

Living spaces : We are on a zone where there are quite a lot of visitors, so please be mindful of living spaces and do not enter them without being invited.

Walks : When walking around, be mindful not to damage fences, fields or crops, and generally be aware of where you are walking to preserve the fragile areas. There are guides and maps in the camp’s infokiosk.

And thanks for being here, for showing interest in what is going on here, for giving a hand, for your contributions in the discussion, and for everything that we will keep doing together in the future !