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Call for a national day of mobilization and struggle by the coordination committees of the NoTav Movement

Tuesday 4 February 2014

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Call for a national day of mobilization and struggle by the coordination committees of the NoTav Movement

Saturday, February 22 - National Day of Struggle The coordination committees of the NoTav movement, met up Wednesday 8th January 2014 in Villar Focchiardo, attentively assessed the very serious legal situation created by the recent arrests of Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò, which has built a wall of juridical charges, developed to simply intimidate all sacrosanct struggles, which, also thanks to NoTav movement, are growing up in the country.

We actually noticed that in the trial record, investigators insisting on strictly legal terms, support a clear political thesis. Based on a brief history of legal acts and international summits which led to the installation of the construction site "Chiomonte" in Val Susa, the judges argue that it’s a democratic development. Whether action against the site - in connection with the listing of opposition practices whose thick file provides a long list - is defined "terrorist" not so much for its specific characteristics, but by the fact that’s opposing to an intergovernmental decision ? All decisions imposed by the state have a legal packaging, which means they are strictly based on the law. Everyone who puts a state project under discussion is liable to "terrorism". This leaves only the platonic disagreement to be reduced to a movement of opinion ? Giving a specific character to its own "NO", which at bottom is the essential characteristic of No-Tav movement, becomes undemocratic. Totalitarianism today speaks a different language: "You don’t like our democratic decisions ? You’re a terrorist, I’ll lock you up in jail and throw away the key ".

Let’s recall that from one period to another, the state and "strong powers" frontally attack the enemy on its strengths, not on it’s weak points. It becomes clear that the use of the category of terrorism against the No-Tav movement - for what it expresses and symbolizes - is in this sense a warning to all, for whatever other struggle movement. Thus becomes a terrorist anyone who’s disputing the decisions of the state, and dismantling the social pact designed by the Constituent Assembly.

Following up the logic of prosecutors and Rinaudo Padalino, the "terrorist" nature of the struggle against the Tav does not characterize a so-called "qualitative leap", but its nature itself: this "NO" of twenty years experience, knowledge, confrontations and actions that are its consistent development. Not to be resigned in front of batons, gas, mechanical shovels, the Lince (economic and commercial expertise in Italy, ndt), incarcerations, the media terrorism, that’s the crime that contains all others.

For these reasons the NoTav Movement announces and proposes a national day of engagement and struggle, FEBRUARY 22, each in their own area, to all components of the fight that resist and fight against the waste of public resources, against the devastation of the territory, the right to housing for decent work, safe and paid fairly. A national day of struggle, area by area in defence of natural and constitutional right to veto government decisions that reflect the interests of powerful lobbies, banks and mafias at the expense of the people. Joint mobilization against the delirious use of laws on the part of prosecutors and the judiciary of Turin in solidarity with imprisoned comrades, with those comrades already condemned, and countless resistant which still face judgement for defending commons, a day of struggle that will follow in mid-March with a meeting point in Rome for the defence and the legitimacy of social struggles.

In preparation for the day of the struggle, we invite to call up for meetings in other areas to raise awareness on these issues as much as on projects that are opposed. In the Susa Valley about the construction of the motorway parking "Susa San Didero", the area where they want to de-place the road from "Guida Sicura de Susa" à "Avigliana" and the railway line in the area of Borgone. Proposal approved by the coordination committees NoTav Movement.